Projected under the most demanding quality standards at international level, 955 Belgrano Office installations guarantee the maximum comfort and security and in addition they contribute to reduce the environmental impact.

Air conditioning system: The air conditioner is developed through a main system with variable air volume system (VAV), responding efficiently to the work areas needs.

Power system: In case of power failure, backup generator equipment is available to supply the building's total requirements. Electricity for the common areas will be supplied at half-voltage by individually-shielded bars. This system significantly reduces monthly electricity costs.

Fire detection, warning and extinction: 955 Belgrano Office has an intelligent fire detection and audio visual alarm system with detectors distributed over and under hung ceilings in common, technical and office areas. The fire suppression system has automatic water sprinklers, extinguishers and hoses in all floors.
Additionally, the building has two pressurized staircases for emergency egress. The system has been designed according to National Fire Protection Association regulations (NFPA) of the United States of America.

Intelligent control system: The building has an intelligent control system which allows centralized monitoring and operation of air conditioner, electrical systems, mechanical ventilation, elevators, sanitary installations, fire detection system, security, and communication systems throughout the building.

Access control and security: The intelligent building's access control system controls access throughout the building with the use of approach cards. The building is monitored by a closed circuit television system (CCTV). Both systems are connected to a security bunker and interact with the intelligent control and detection systems.